Report from Waterdeep

The following is a report sent from one of The Bastard of Bittermarsh’s men who is with the troops in Waterdeep…..

Morale is high enough in the company of footmen I was told to join.

The whole of Waterdeep’s strength looked to have been put forth judging by the sea of soldiers that were assembled outside of the city walls before we marched. I would guess at maybe a dozen Battalions. Perhaps 10,000 men in all though it was hard to judge from my camp.

I can only suppose this means the Lords must be worried if so many are to march.

As for the enemy we still know very little. Maybe the commanders know more, but if they do they’re keeping mighty quiet. But then who ever really knows with the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

Rain pours in from the West and those of us on foot march very slowly but the outriders are constantly moving. From what I hear the few enemy that have been encountered have been slain quickly or fall back in disarray. So far they appear to have little organization or purpose. All the better for us I suppose though my gut feeling is something doesn’t seem right.

The Vanguard should be reaching the edge of the High Forest in the next days and we will follow on shortly after. I will be glad of anything that puts an end to this muddy march.

If you return to Bittermarsh please tell Sara I am well and will be back as soon as I can. I will arrange for another message to be sent soon.


Report from Waterdeep

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