Quest Log

Investigate why the Zhentarim is laying siege to the Temple

Captain Ishtir Austram has asked the party to investigate why the Zhentarim have laid siege to a monastic compund containing the Temple of Four Aspects The temple is to the north close to the town of Bittermarsh.

* Retrieve the Rosewood box for the Thieves guild COMPLETE

Feldastan Anir, the head of the Thieves guild, has tasked you with retrieving a magical Rosewood box from the headquarters of the Beggars Guild. It apparently belongs to Anshimesh a Githzerai Mindmage working for the thieves. Feldastan also mentioned that they would be rewarded if they gave the other stolen items to him.

* Find out who is helping the Beggars Guild COMPLETE

Captain Ishtir Austram believes that the Beggars Guild are receiving assistance from a more powerful organisation in order to carry out the thefts of the magical items. He has charged the party with investigating and returning to him with the information.

* Locate Juna Coalstriker COMPLETE

Find Juna Coalstriker the daughter of the blacksmith in Winterhaven. It seems she has accrued some debt at the Fiery Flagon which the group has paid of on her behalf. She has been working as a hired mercenary or bodyguard and is known around the city for always carrying an big black enchanted hammer of some kind.

* Save the remaining member of the Light of Pelor from a Snake Cult INCOMPLETE

It seems the Party may have been too late to find the Cult who seem to have moved on to another location. The party learned (from his brother) that Antir Silverhammer the leader of The Light of Pelor believes his group has been betrayed and is out for revenge.

Quest Log

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