Letter to Black Robe Morross

To Black Robe Morross,

Commendations on your research. Our diviners tell me there is indeed a power source within the temple that matches that which we would expect for The Broken.

The ancient texts you uncovered would support the theory that this area to the south of Lurkwood was where ‘The Sister’ and ‘Pity’ were finally subdued. If that is true, the circumstantial evidence would point to a third and possibly even a fourth of these legendary beings being entombed here though which of The Broken they might be remains a mystery.

Resting control of four of the ten Broken would far exceed our expectations and would establish us as the dominant power in Western Faerun. It may even enable us to find more of them, though I fear we will have to move quickly. It troubles me to hear the whispers from the South that say ‘Ash’ and ‘The Hunted One’ may have also been found.

It is incredible that such power may have lain here undisturbed all this time. The residuum we have collected has been transported to you for the necessary rituals of binding and control.

Make sure everything is in place and I will join you and the other Clerics when you begin.

Lord Lareen.

Letter to Black Robe Morross

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