The Gathering of Power

Poxy Shortsnouts - the kidnap goes wrong

The last thoughts of Yeethyak – Gnoll Commander in the service of Hoods army

…the fight in the upper room of the squat defensive tower was drawing towards an inevitable conclusion and Yeethyak knew it.

Despite the surprise attack the big Gnoll commander had been confident. The enemy ranger had gone down under a pile of snapping Hyena jaws and his troops had the other poxy short-snouts under control.
He had assumed it would end up just like his many other fights – with Yeethyak gnawing on the carcasses of the fallen (on second thoughts, probably just the human and the half-elf – he would leave the tougher orc and dragonborn meat to his warband and perhaps throw the gristly dwarf to the hyenas).

Well, something had quite evidently gone wrong.
He had only let himself be distracted by that cursed dwarf for a second and all of a sudden the picture looked very different. The Dragonborn (the only enemy in the room who could match Yeethyak in height or size of teeth) had jumped in to save the ranger who was now back on his feet and he could no longer see his summoned hyena-spirits. Presumably they had been returned to the abyss from where he had called them.

Damn it! This deal was getting risky.
Still, Yeethyak hadn’t risen to the position of commander by losing his head.

At one point he had actually considered complying with the dwarves calls for him to give up.
If he could somehow convince them to let him operate the scrying bowl then Hood would be aware of his capture and, with his knowledge of the troop deployments would surely come to rescue him.
But Yeethyak was wiser than that. He knew Hoods appearance would be less a ‘rescue’ and more a ‘termination’.

No, there was nothing for it but to attempt an escape. For some reason these attackers seemed to want to capture him rather than kill him so perhaps he could use that to his advantage. It was a gamble worth taking.
One mighty charge for the stairs and he should be able to make it down to the bottom of the tower to gather together some of the boys. He was sure as hell going to have to get back in there and finish these guys off. There was no way he was going to explain to Hood why he’d lost the tower to a band of just only five adventurers.

Momentarily slipping on blood that now poured from a myriad of wounds Yeethyak rounded the top of the stairs to the lower level.
In sight of his escape route Yeethyak couldn’t resist one final taunt.
He remembered a few words of the common tongue from a human knight he had once killed and barked out a couple of hyena-like laughs as he called back over his shoulder “You’ll never take me alive!!”
Yeethyak thought himself very amusing.
A couple more steps and he would make it to the door.
Yeethyak just had time to hear the human wizard say “As you wish” before a magical bolt of energy punched into his back and emerged from his chest in a fine spray of blood.

Strange… As his vision darkened and he slid to the floor he was sure he heard that same wizard say something that sounded like “Oooops”



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