The Gathering of Power

A kidnap attempt

From the DMs hand…

Having agreed with Su’Sariel that the Eladrin tribes would be better served without the temptation of the powerful weapon Sorrow’s Mourn the party rested up and headed for the portal taking them out of the Fey Realm.

Rhogar was once again contacted by The Sister who impressed upon them the need to move quickly as the enemy army threatening Waterdeep was close at hand.
Finding Balasar waiting for them on the other side of the portal the group ignored the Sisters arranged form of transport and headed back to Waterdeep via a portal conjured by Zalius.

Heading out of Waterdeep to meet the Sister the group encountered [Greevus], still looking a little worse for wear but now accompanied by one [Swale Faomfollower], an ex-cleric of Melora who had been helping him fix up their ship The Lonesome March.

The meeting with the Sister was short and Sorrows Mourn was returned to Pity with little fanfare. Killian (on asking for a reward) was given a small chest with some treasure including two ornamental jeweled daggers.
The Sister explained that the enemy forces were led by an enemy known by some as Rashai’ell or the Grey Scion but most commonly called simply Hood.
She outlined a plan that involved the party kidnapping an enemy commander in the hopes that this would draw out Hood, gambling that he wouldn’t want the intelligence known by that commander to fall into their hands.
In practice this would mean sneaking into enemy territory via some old tunnels and fighting their way into a tower now occupied by the enemy commander who went by the name Yeethyak.
Once in the open Hood would be attacked by the Sister, Pity and the Archmage of Waterdeep – a mage called [Alsarion].
The adventurers left to take up their part in the plan pausing only to swap thinly veiled insults with [Antir Silverhammer] the Paladin and leader of another adventuring group called The Light of Pelor.

The party made short work of the gnolls guarding the approach to the tower and made a grand entrance by flying, levitating or simply running up the tower walls to enter via the upper windows.

There they surprised the enemy commander Yeethyak surrounded by a number of his men.

The plan was simple. Capture Yeethyak alive and draw out Hood. What could possibly go wrong….?



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