Welcome to ‘The Gathering of Power’ campaign

This is a campaign for 4th edition D&D that follows on from the “Keep on the Shadowfell” published adventure and is situated in the Forgotten Realms world.

The Campaign started with the party in Winterhaven (which for the purposes of this campaign was situated just to the south of Neverwinter) and it has taken them South along the SwordCoast (see also The map of the Swordcoast) and for the moment is centered in and around the city of Waterdeep (see also Map of Waterdeep)

The over-arching story has seen the adventurers investigating the disappearance of many magical items which has in turn involved them in the various conflicts, schemes and machinations of the Thieves Guild; Beggars Guild and The City Watch.

The latest in the adventure….

Well…loads happened since this was last updated.
Pity’s sword was retrieved from the Feywild and party were involved in drawing out Hood so that Pity, The Sister and Archmage Alsarion could destroy him in a titanic battle.
The adventurers regrouped in Waterdeep and have set on on what was intended to be a small side-quest to investigate what appeared to be a treasure chamber in some old Derro tunnels close to the city…

At least 5 sessions later the party is moving ever deeper underground

For more detail on the parties ongoing exploits see The Adventure Log or the Quest log

The Player Characters

The adventuring group is currently made up of:

  • Killian (Half-elven Ranger)
  • Orin (Dwarven Cleric)
  • Zalius (Human Wizard)
  • Rhogar (Dragonborn Paladin)
  • Greevus (Half-elven Fighter) (off-active-duty)
  • Aak (Half-Orc Fighter)
  • The Gathering of Power

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