Zalius is from the city of Arabel, located in the northern section of Cormyr. He was left on the door of a Ioun temple as an infant. They treated him fairly, but he was considered nothing more than a servant and assisted with cleaning the temple and assisting the clerics with their day-to-day activities.

Zalius’s life to an expected turn at the age of 8. He was small and skinny for a boy his age and was picked on by other kids. One day, a group of bullies cornered him in an alley. Feeling that there was no way he would escape a sure pummeling, he tried to find ways to protect himself. In an act of defense, a fire bolt shot from his hand and hit the biggest bully square in the chest. Although he appeared relatively unharmed, the bully ran away screaming ,and his cronies followed fearing his same fate. Douvan Stahl, a professor at the Suzail Academy of Arcane Sciences, witnessed this act and was impressed by Zalius’ arcane potential and placed into the academy as a student. It was there that Zalius honed his passion for arcane sciences. At the age of 18, enlisted as a war wizard in the Cormyr Army. In his third year, his life changed again when he met a beautiful half-elf named Sabrina. She was also in the army and although she was not a war wizard, and a very experienced archer. They became close friends and eventually more and fell in love. With their required military service nearly complete, Zalius and Sabrina were intending to return to Arabel, marry, and raise a family. However, it was not meant to be.

A mere days before his discharge, a massive force of thousands of orcs invaded the city. After the struggle, as he looked at the seemingly endless sea of corpses, it was there that Zalius found Sabrina, lying motionless on the ground, with an orc arrow lodged into her chest.

In a single day, Zalius lost everything that was important to him and he left the city the following day, vowing to make sure that what happened to him, would not happened to others. He left with a staff, dagger and a locket with Sabrina’s picture in it.


Due to his knowledge of arcane sciences and his military past, Zalius is a calm character. He does very well under pressure and is known to think things through usually instead of going in and blasting at anything that moves. His thirst for knowledge is still a very important part of his life and is very rarely seen without a book in his hand and is always striving to learn new things and is driven to become a better wizard. The loss of Sabrina during the orc invasion has isolated himself from social interaction in many ways and made him absolutely despise orcs or anybody with orc blood. He can very thoughtful and honest and will go out of his way to assist others, but he is very reserved with the people he meets and is very reluctant to trust anyone. But once you earn his trust, he is loyal to you to the very end. He speaks like a true bookworm and common people normally don’t normally know what he is talking about. He’s also a terrible story teller. He is somewhat a loner and doesn’t mind sitting alone in a tavern reading some tome of knowledge. His was once in pretty good shape, but the recent years have not been kind to him. Zalius has a reputation as having one of the worst eating habits in all the land. He eats two to three plates in a single setting and downs dishes goblins wouldn’t touch. The result is somewhat a pot belly figure, but has become an experienced dungeoneer over the years and will keep up with the best of them.

Known Associates: Killian, Orin, Rhogar, Greevus, Gad, Caynus

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