Victain's Journal

Journal of Victain Ablath – Black Cloak of the Sword Coast Zhetarim

9th Day of the 9th Month 1479 DR The Lords have seen fit to assign me to this rat hole of a guild in Waterdeep. It is not to my liking but I understand the importance of the work I am assigned to do.

14th Day of the 9th Month 1479 DR Master Gik’s minions have begun to bring in the items and I have started my work of harvesting the Residuum. All goes well so far. It seems the rust monster enzymes do in fact enable me to increase the yield but only by a small amount

20th Day of the 9th Month 1479 DR Work continues apace. At this rate I predict that by the end of the 10th month we may have enough residuum for the Lords to finally move on ‘The Broken’. If I play my cards right I could be a key part in enabling the Zhentarim network to gain control these ancient beings.

27th Day 14th Day of the 9th Month 1479 DR An interesting item was brought to me today. It was bound with powerful magics but of some ancient power that I had not seen before. The usual rituals to remove the enchantment were ineffective. For some reason my mysterious Dragonborn associate Balasar has taken a real interest in it. I would like to give it further study be he was insistent and so I have given it over to him. He is a strange one that Dragonborn. He speaks little and has risen quickly in the ranks of the Zhentarim. A little too quickly for my liking. I must keep an eye on him.

10th Day of the 10th month 1479 DR Another interesting item came my way. This time a magic rosewood box. It seems this one was stolen from the Thieves Guild of all places but to my frustration Florak Gik claimed it for himself before I could work on it. It seems he likes the idea of being one up on the thieves guild. I have a feeling that messing with them may come back to haunt him.

14th Day of the 10th month 1479 DR I hear rumors that an band of hero’s is disrupting Master Gik’s operations in and around Waterdeep. For the moment they are no concern of mine. A short while longer and I will have all the residuum the Lords require and can get out of this dump.

15th Day of the 10th month 1479 DR Those damned adventurers actually had the gall to fight their way inside the guild today! It was lucky I was on hand to aid in the defense or I fear they may have cut their way through the entire place. A large dragonborn paladin managed to deal me a horrific blow to the shoulder. It still pains me now, even with the potions. It was fortunate I had put in place those runes to magnify my power or we all might have been in trouble. It is strange but for some reason that paladin reminds me a little of my associate Balasar. I must think on this some more.

Victain's Journal

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