The Feywild


The Feywild

The Feywild forest in which you find yourselves is similar to those of Faerun though on a grander scale and somehow more vibrant and alive-feeling.

The trees are two to three times the size of the largest trees you have seen before and the colors of the foliage just seem brighter and richer than the tones you are used to.

After your encounter

After defeating the Eladrin warband you review the scene of battle and note a number of things. The Eladrin all have some kind of crude eye symbol about their person. Some have medallions or amulets hung around their necks or wrists whilst many of the soldiers have the eye cut into the flesh of their shoulder or tattooed onto their arm.

You also find that they appear to have cut, with some skill and precision, the single central eye from the head of the dead Cyclops that they had just killed. The organ was in an oiled soft leather bag attached to the belt of the Eladrin wizard.

Killian’s view of the settlement

The path you are on leads you eventually to the Eastern rim of a large but shallow bowl-like depression in the forest.

Crouching in the tree line to the side of the path you observe that the center of the roughly circular area has long been cleared of most of its trees and a settlement has been built-up around a low rise of land in the center of the bowl.

The buildings cover an area that you estimate is larger than a village such as Winterhaven but is still significantly smaller than a great city such Waterdeep. The architecture is archaic looking but has a certain sweeping organic grace that you might expect from Eladrin builders and you see that a number of the buildings incorporate some of the few remaining trees into their structure.

You guess that most of the structures have been here for many hundreds of years however more recently there appear to have been some noticeable additions. Gangs of what look to be Eladrin workers are in the process of constructing a large squat pyramid shaped stone structure right over the top of what was one of the largest Eladrin buildings in the center of the settlement. You also notice that a defensive curtain wall has been thrown up recently around the perimeter where previously there appears to have been none.

After observing the construction activities for some time you see a small number of the same Beholder Gauth creatures that you encountered earlier floating in and out of the buildings.

The path you are on winds its way down to a crude gate structure in the new curtain wall where you can see a handful of archers and swords men standing guard. The only other break in the defensive wall looks to be towards the northern side of the settlement where another track or road disappears into the forest.

Looking out into the distance you can see a ragged column of dirty black smoke rising out of the forest maybe six or seven miles to the North West.

Moving around the Eladrin settlement

You decide to circle around the area, sticking to the trees, in an effort to determine whether The Sisters amulet indicates that Pity’s sword is inside the settlement. You work your way around to the north and by the time you are getting close to the northern gate Rhogar is able to confirm that the amulet does seem to be pointing roughly towards the large pyramid shaped central structure.

You are also close enough to the gate to see that (unlike the eastern gate) there are a number of Eladrin corpses fixed to the walls by iron spikes or hung from ropes. The corpses are in varying states of decay, one appears fresh looking but others are little more than skeletons. The most recent of these grisly wall adornments appears to have a sign hung about its neck though you are too far away too make out what might be written on it.


The Feywild

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