Rhogar’s past is shrouded in mystery. He joined the party outside of Winterhaven, but speaks very little of his past. He sometimes speaks in strange tongues that no one recognizes, and can be seen looking intensely in the fire at the night campsites.

He refuses to speak of that which he looks, yet he seems eager to explore ancient dungeons. Whenever he sees another Dragonborn, he cautiously approaches, as if feeling out the other Dragonborn.

As a Dragonborn, he towers over the other party members. He is often the first to rush into a battle, defending the weaker members of the party.

Being a Paladin, he focuses on Divine techniques to conquer his enemies. He has been known to say a quick prayer to his god, Bahamut, before many of his more powerful attacks. He is known to give a Divine challenge to his foes, drawing their attention to him and away from the other members of the party.

Concerned with the well-being of those in his group, he sacrifices much of his own personal healing reserves for the good of his companions. It is not uncommon to see him cut through a group of enemies to pray over a fallen comrade, only to have them stand up where they once had fallen.

He is fiercely devoted to Bahamut, and considers good the only path for the world. He cannot abide deceit, lies, or dishonest behavior, and he is always looking for ways to benefit those around him.


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