Never as strong or as quick as his peers, Orin learned from a young age to be quicker to perceive the shifting tides and motives that swirl constantly at the edge of the Underdark. He was raised not far outside of Earthhome by his parents – both dwarven artisans of no small skill. Though Orin appreciated his parents’ work – like all dwarves he had a keen admiration of fine craftsmanship, worked stone and wrought steel – he received non of their innate talent.

It was due to this inner hurt that Orin stayed at Earthhome, rather than accompany his parents on their semi-annual tour of art and craft festivals. They had chosen Aglarond this autumn, and though Orin loved to travel he chose to remain in school rather than be reminded daily of his lack of ability. He had become very involved with the church of Kelemvor, liking their calm, rational view of death and life, particularly appropriate given Earthhome’s dangerous proximity to the Underdark.

So it was that Orin, intent on his studies, was informed of a raid out of Thay that had wiped out an entire town to the North. They had found his mother’s body in the wreckage – his father was never found. In his grief and rage, Orin plunged himself into his faith, becoming ever more devoted to Kelemvor and the religion’s stance against the undead.

In his zeal, he searched for anything that could aid him in his planned private war against the necromancers of Thay. Following rumors that a powerful sect of wizards, The Arcane Hand possessed a library of rituals, he infiltrated their Earthhome outpost. So intent was he on copying deep and powerful magic into his ritual book, he did not hear the guards close in around him. He was lucky they only took his hand.

In pain and anger, Orin returned to the library the very day his sentence was carried out. The suddenness of his return probably saved his life, as he was able to make off with a ritual scroll and leave Earthhome undetected. His crime was quickly discovered – and the culprit immediately obvious. He fears for his life should he ever return. Despite his desire to plunge into battle, he was wise enough to know that he was not powerful enough to wage open war against Szass Tam, and so he has used his not inconsiderable skills wherever possible to earn the knowledge (and coin) that will enable him to take his revenge.


Orin is neat for a dwarf. Though travelling has worn out his clothes, they are still clean and well-maintained, generally in shades of green and brown – dark green is a favorite color of his. He has long, light-colored shoulder-length hair, though it is not in a braid unless circumstances call for it, which is unusual for a dwarf. He has a beard (of course). Orin has never been ‘powerful-looking’, ok he was chubby, but the constant travelling of the last several years has slimmed him down. He won’t be mistaken for a warrior, but can now handle himself in a fight. He wears a dark (almost black) leather sleeve over the stump of his right wrist. The most luxurious item he owns is an ebony cloak slashed with dark red that he dons when performing priestly duties, and when seeking Kelemvor’s will – if the situation permits.


Orin desires to return to Earthhome, but there are several things preventing him. He is afraid of the reach of the Arcane Hand, and knows that they will be a danger to him even if he does not return. He also will not return with a solid plan for his assault on Thay.

Orin needs to raise support for an army before any sort of battle is possible If there is a Kelemvor society or militant group, Orin would be interested in enlisting their aid, else he will have to approach leaders from surrounding nations or buy his own troops.

The Broken intrigue Orin. Obviously opposed to their reincarnation if they are dead, he is curious to learn more.

Item related biznass

  • Orin secretly harbors a love for cool bracers. His own, though magical, are rather pedestrian and Orin is on the lookout for ‘awesomer’ ones, even if not magical.
  • Like any good dwarf, Orin is also a fan of big boots, and would like to replace his sturdy leather ones with something more solid.
  • The scroll Orin has stolen from the Arcane Hand is Soul Scry, which will locate the most powerful piece of a target’s soul. He plans (in a far distant, imagined future) to use it to locate Szass Tam’s phylactery once he has defeated the lich’s body. (I made this spell up)


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