Killians parents where killed by goblins when a young boy 7 or 8. He lived as a slave and pet of a marauding band goblins for 1 year. Bye good fortune was liberated by elves from the GaiscĂ­och (gosh key uk) Forest. Because of his mixed heritage they took him in, and taught him to hunt and fight. Killan became exceptionally talented in stalking and killing prey. He eventually married Keely of GaiscĂ­och. On their way to find his human family they were ambushed by strange horsemen from the north. In the confusion Killian was separated from Keely. Haunted by a dream of Keely that Lindain planted in his mind, he wanders the land searching to find her. During his travels he linked up with a band of fierce warriors1 surviving as a soldier of fortune for those who fight injustice and evil, or whoever pays the most. He has even started a trading business in the town of Waterdeep. When in Waterdeep, he can be found most nights at his favorite watering hole the Fiery Flagon.

Business Ventures:

More info:

  • Friend and companion Ajax a black panther rescued from goblins in the battle for the keep
  • Weapon of Choice, Plus One Point Blank Repeating Cross Bow. See Kill Log
  • Has many tattoos across the face and arms.
  • When acting as a sniper. Killian can often be heard praying “Blessed be Hextor my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

1 Known Associates:

Aak,Caynus, Gad, Greevus, Orin, Rhogar, Zalius,

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