Fiery Flagon

Owned and operated by Old Ren (or Old Barty or another unpronounceable formal name – he goes by many an alias), a seventh generation Waterdhavian.

The Fiery Flagon is a meeting place for both Waterdeep-folk and travelers. This quality inn is frequented by Men, Halflings and Dwarfs. The inn has become the official headquarters for our adventuring group. Inside, the large common room is always filled with smoke(from pipe-weed),the sweet smell of ale, and laughter and cheers from the patrons. It also has several private parlors, a number of bedrooms, including a few rooms in the north wing designed for Haflings and Dwarfs furnished with special beds low to the ground and small round windows. The inn also has some of the finest stables in all of the northern west coast.

Some of the Coalstrikers from Winterhaven are known to have traveled to the inn occasionally.

The inn is noted for its fine selection of ales and 3 dragon ante tournament.

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Fiery Flagon

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