Caynus Orothai (called Cayn by those who know him) is an Eladrin Warlord/adventurer

In summary:

Cayn is about average height for an Eladrin with blond hair and is usually seen proudly wearing his family emblem pinned at the neck of his cloak (an enameled silver sword on a red leaf). His people worship the God Erathis, the God of civilization who brings order to his homeland. He is strong and has a sharp mind but is somewhat lacking in social graces and generally inexperienced (bordering on being naïve) when it comes to understanding the motivations of those outside of Eladrin society. He has had years of military training as a commander (Tactical Warlord) and can be relied on to aid those that he adventures with. He fights well with both Long sword and Long Spear and has an uncanny knack of getting the drop on those who try and stand in the group’s way. His academy training has left him with a basic knowledge of the healing arts as well as physical skills of athletics and acrobatics. The one skill he excels at however is history having spent years in study in the family libraries.


Cayn’s family was part of the many Eladrin who migrated to the Fey city of Myth Drannor (the City of Song) after its recapture. His father had been part of the Coronal Guard, the military group charged with the protection of the city whereas his mother studied the history and traditions of the Eladrin race, documenting their achievements and misfortunes alike. Cayn’s elder Sister Sayette followed in her father’s footsteps as a swordmage demonstrating mastery of both magic and sword and her father had no difficulty finding her a place as an officer in the Coronal Guard. Cayn, whilst proving a match for his sister with a long sword, proved to be the quicker of mind, and spent many of his younger years studying the military history of his people in the library alongside his mother. His learning led him away from a swordmage’s battle-magic, instead drawing him to martial tactics and the complicated choreography of command. After years at the guard academy no one could doubt his calm head in the heat of battle or question his skill with either blade or long spear. However, Cain seems to have put aside an assured place within the Guard and left behind his home city of Myth Drannor to take up the path of an adventurer. When asked about it he explains that his father had concerns over his experience in the world outside Eladrin society and felt it would be advantageous to make a name for himself as a commander outside of the ranks Myth Drannor military. If pushed on the subject Cain goes on to explain that he intends to prove himself as an adventurer and do whatever it takes to establish his standing as a military tactician and leader. Some day he hopes to return to Myth Drannor to prove himself to those he left behind.


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