The Gathering of Power

A Great Evil
Orin's Tale - Part 2

Help Arrives

I found a tough-looking street kid to deliver my message, figuring that he would have a better than even chance of breaking the quarantine, and sent him off to the Fiery Flagon. I could have sworn that I’d seen him somewhere before… Oh well. I just need him to get through and inform the others that I could use a little muscle from Greevus or Rhogar. I didn’t have too long to wait at the barricade

Quarantine of the Docks
Orin's tale - Part 1

After leaving Zalius at the Wizard’s Guild, I wandered a bit around Waterdeep before heading back to the Fiery Flagon. We were having a bit of lunch and beer when a disturbance was started by a wizard having an altercation with another patron. I didn’t take much notice, but I saw a group of women who seemed to be taking more than a little interest in the confrontation. Curious, I wandered over asked

Wizards in the Undermountain

Excerpt from the journal of Zalius 29 day, 10th Month, 1479 DR

I started today with nothing but time on my hands. With a couple of day left until the air ship arrives, I had to find some way to pass the time. I really wanted to look at those scrolls, it’s just that I couldn’t. Apparently I could not look at them unless I was part of the local Mages guild, and I was still waiting on approval on my application. It’s not that I was overly excited about being a part of this guild per se, but

What Was Theak's Is Now Mine (Killian)

Without having to worry about Rhogar “The Honest” nagging me and keeping me on the strait and narrow I set out looking for MISCHIEF. Remembering a certain red quill I headed off to Edin Theak’s an official of the Sewers and Plumbers Guild. On my way there I could tell that someone was following me

Red Wizard of Thay

With Zalius off trying to secure his rightful place in the Wizards Guild. Our heroes settle down in the Fiery Flagon, and notice a Wizard in red robes having a heated conversation about something. Rhogar suggests to Killian that he try and find out what is going on without being detected

Session 18 - Unexpected Messenger

It seems like ages since our last combat, but really it has only been a week or so. I could get used to this! No washing out blood stains, no patching up Greevus – I’m going to get lazy. We left that temple in pretty bad shape

Session 17 - Devils and a tricksy woman...

From the hand of the DM:

Encouraged by their success at foiling the enemies frosty attacks and traps the party forged ahead further into the defiled temple. A scream for help came from behind closed doors and though initially suspicious their sense of honor left them no option but to investigate.

Behind the doors they discovered a large room with more idol statues amongst which stood four devils. Two with writhing snapping beards of tentacles and two more wielding long and bloody spiked chains.

Session 16-The Temple of Ice

Excerpt from the Journal of Zalius

22nd Day, 10th Month, 1479DR

I awoke this morning with an empty feeling inside my stomach. I’m unaware if it was from sleeping on the cold ground, which I have grown quite accustomed to, or the lack of a decent meal. But my dreams were restless last night, not from a feeling of pending doom, but from a feeling that it was going to be a bad day.

Session 15 - Lareen's Demise

My dearest Keely, as I suspected the room was indeed full of trouble. Inside was Lord Lareen, some wanna be lord, who I will tell you about when we meet again. He had a few soldiers, some clerics and one wicked looking floating skull as guards.

Session 13 - The Temple of Four Aspects

From the hand of the DM…...

So it seems that the Zhentarim forces at the Pools of Melora were waiting in ambush for The Bastard of Bittermarsh.

The Bastard (or Allen Hunter to use his real name) appeared shortly after the party had cleared the Pools of Zhentarim. He and his men looked battle worn and bloody but gave them a cautious welcome.


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