The Gathering of Power

Session 8
A Watery Grave

We were pretty beat up after those last Sahuagin, and Greevus looked like he’d been chewed on by a Behir. We decided to go back to the room with the grates and camp for the night (it’s probably night outside, anyway – hard to keep track of time down here). Unfortunately the tunnel appeared to be caved in

Session 7

After brushing off the encounter with the Sahuagin raiders the group made our way through the sewers we noticed a very disgusting odor and came across a room with a large body of corpses. They were several races found, but the one resemblance they shared is that they all seemed to be monks.

Session 6
Session 5
  • Our heroes chased down the group stealing the chest and fought their rearguard at the barricade. Althought the rearguard was no match for adventurers such as ourselves it did allow Rolonna Althastra to escape with the chest.
Session 4
  • fought the Ice dragon Nilakanta (The Blue Throated One) and its ice warriors minions
  • picked up Mortimer Stoutheart’s belt of Bloody Sacrifice
13th Day, 10th Month 1479DR part 1

We leave Winterhaven. Our route to Waterdeep takes us to Mortimer’s Bailey in Krypt Garden. On route, the figure with the yellow scarf stops and offers us a proposition. He wants us to meet his boss in Waterdeep regarding a job.

13th Day, 10th Month 1479DR part 2

This Corey guy seems nice enough, although I admit that I was so ready to get off of that horse I would have welcomed the Baron Strahd himself. Ok, maybe not Strahd. Undead scum. In any cases, I’m not a fan of riding.

12th Day, 10th Month 1479DR

Excerpt from the Journal of Zalius

12th Day, 10th Month 1479DR*

They threw a celebration for us. They went all out and even brought in some carnies. Its a shame Kayne and Gad weren’t here to enjoy. Gad I know would have liked this. The townspeople and my companions seem to be enjoying the festivities. Not my thing.

*The Intro...*
A blog for your campaign

Things have been pretty quiet for you all following the adventures of ‘The Battle of the Keep’ (as it has become known by the locals). You’ve enjoyed the welcome of all those in Winterhaven and have rested well, but after a while small-town luxuries have started to lose their appeal.

The only unusual event occurred a week ago when you discovered that both Cayn and Gad had disappeared during the night leaving only a short note of farewell.


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