The Gathering of Power

What Was Theak's Is Now Mine (Killian)

Without having to worry about Rhogar “The Honest” nagging me and keeping me on the strait and narrow I set out looking for MISCHIEF. Remembering a certain red quill I headed off to Edin Theak’s an official of the Sewers and Plumbers Guild. On my way there I could tell that someone was following me but after hiding out in a shop for a while I felt it safe to continue. I scouted the area out and found a nice place for a rallying point in case all goes to hell. I left Ajax in a dark ally near the east side of the compound with the red robes I borrowed from the Wizard of They. Waiting until dark I scaled the 15ft walls surrounding the compound with ease using my new wall walker boots. Hiding in the dark and using the landscape I proceeded undetected until the last minute when I was spotted. As shouts of “ALARM” rang out I entered the study through the window and did your basic smash and grab.

Meanwhile back in the ally, Three halflings from the Thieves Guild attack Ajax. Using his powerful claws against his wee attackers Ajax was able to kill one attacker and chase down another and kill him as well. One of litter buggers escaped, leaving Ajax to lick his badly wounded body.

Back in the study I charged down the wall to a waiting guard. With walking down a wall, shooting an exploding arrow at his feet, and yelling goblin curses through my skull mask this was more than enough to scare the guard away. Not wanting to get into a full blown battle with countless number of guards I went back over the wall taking little damage as arrows flew all around me. Darting into the ally to put on the red robe I stashed I found Ajax bloodied with two dead haflings as trophies. With no time to figure out what happened we heading the opposite way from the pursuing guards and came face to face with nine members of the Thieves Guild. Three thoughts ran through my head:


These bastards must be the ones who attacked Ajax


Fortunately for me my great Acrobatics and Athletic skills proved to much for the members of the Thieves Guild. I must get back to the Fiery Flagon and warn the others. It would not be wise to travel alone until we have dealt with the Thieves Guild properly.



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