The Gathering of Power

Quarantine of the Docks

Orin's tale - Part 1

After leaving Zalius at the Wizard’s Guild, I wandered a bit around Waterdeep before heading back to the Fiery Flagon. We were having a bit of lunch and beer when a disturbance was started by a wizard having an altercation with another patron. I didn’t take much notice, but I saw a group of women who seemed to be taking more than a little interest in the confrontation. Curious, I wandered over asked if I could be of assistance, but they quite clearly were not interested in discussing the matter. Oh well, I didn’t particularly want to trouble my meal anyways. The others, however, seemed itching to get back to some adventure and followed the women when they left (and they were obviously following the wizard). Very amusing, but I was enjoying a new ale. Shortly after they left a messenger arrived from Captain Austram. Our Gnomish airship was ready, but was unable to leave because of a quarantine put into effect over all of Dock Ward. The quarantine was the result of a plague and as I have some small expertise in the healing arts, I decided that this may be a better use of my time. And I may be able to hasten our passage to Cormyr.

I had a little trouble convincing the small watch patrol to let me in, although they seemed less worried about a lone dwarf entering the docks than anyone leaving it. A bit useless if you ask me. In a city the size of Waterdeep blocking off an entire ward is nearly impossible, and you only serve to drive those who might be infected underground when they leave, rather than being able to monitor everyone’s health during transit. I arrived dockside to find the normally bustling streets and noisy harbor silent with a damp emptiness. The cries of the gulls wondering where their usual meals had gone and the slow slapping of an unreefed sail on one of the idling ships (what was her captain thinking?) were all that relieved the quietude. There were a few old salts wandering around a bit aimlessly and through them I managed to find the Harbormaster. They had two men in custody who had contracted this strange illness, and I offered to treat them. The first case was straightforward, but the second was much farther along. There was a powerful smell of necrotizing flesh about him and I used what skill I have to restore his body, but it will be a long while before he is climbing the rigging again.

I was informed that the investigation had reached a bit of a standstill. The Harbormaster had narrowed down the likely source of the outbreak to 3 ships, but did not know how to progress without a full raid, which would offend the captains greatly. I offered my assistance, to see if I could use my knowledge of infectious diseases to shed some light on this issue, although this scourge did not seem natural to me. After visiting the three ships I was fairly confident that both The Sea Claw and Wogen’s Pride were in a normal state, although the captains were understandably upset. The Lonesome March was a different story, however. I wasn’t able to meet with their captain, Kaid, but I met with an officer and he seemed very evasive. I’m not sure what he ran off to do, as the ship is moored rather securely and won’t be leaving any time soon. Still, I couldn’t follow up by myself, so I decided to leave for the moment.

I visited the Thirsty Sailor, which is just as high class as it sounds, and found a number of the sailors and dock workers who would normally be out working at this time of the afternoon. I put out some feelers (and some drinks) to try and get some workers talking but didn’t make much progress. There was one poor chap by the name of Grittle who seemed to be wanting to talk more but kept glancing over at the bartender nervously. This was understandable given the size of the barkeep (one Grumus), but I failed miserably in my attempt at sleight-of-hand and tipped off a couple of the thugs who were employed to ‘keep order’, as though Grumus couldn’t have handled half the bar by himself. I decided that I wasn’t going to proceed any further on my own, so I left and resolved to fetch the others (or at least Greevus).



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