The Gathering of Power

Drawing Out Hood

Seeing Yeethyak’s body exploded from Zalius’s magic missile I could not help but laugh. The look of surprise and shock in the faces of Rhogar and Orin was priceless. Finally someone in our party besides my self exercised free will and did what they wanted not what some Lord, Sister ,or god has commanded. There is no turning back now. I love this! The Sister will be none to happy if we don’t come up with some way to draw out Hood. But I don’t think anyone cares about this except Rhogar. I’m not sure why he can’t get rid of that damned amulet the Sister gave him. I hate that it affects him so. Ever since she gave it to him he has convinced our group to do her bidding. With nothing left but to make it out of here alive Zalius and I rush back up the stairs to provide cover from above, while the rest of the group clears the lower levels and tries to secure the door. Upon reaching the windows above the door, we scanned the surrounding landscape only to be delighted by a hoard of Gnoll archers and swordsman bearing down on the tower. The upcoming fight should bring many more nocks im my Kill Log. I load a full magazine into my crossbow and prepare for battle reciting a quick prayer“Blessed be Hextor my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” My mind wonders from the thrill of the upcoming kills for a split second to the futality of defending this tower to draw out Hood.

I sure wish Zalius would start opening the portal.

Commandeering a spare Gnoll carcass laying beside me I was able to throw it out the window crushing the first charging attackers. Zalius was also successful in placing a couple of magic missiles into the mass of Gnolls. Our heroic efforts seemed to be working for now.

Why has Zalus not started opening the portal?

The door started to give way under the might swings of a Gnoll ax warrior. As this was happening Rhogar screamed for Zalius to come help him. Obviously there must be kobalts in the lower levels. As Zalius ran to aid Rhogar, Orin ran up with some alchemist fire pots. After hastily laying them on the ground, Orin disappearing back down the stairs instructing me to aim carefully. As if I would do anything else! How easily the little guy forgets who The Zerash Brothers Traveling Circus archery champion is. The expertly placed fire seemed to momentarily stun the charging army, but to my astonishment I was incapable of holding off massive onslaught all by my self. Normally holding off wave after wave of charging enemies by myself would be no problem. Clearly I must affected by some unknown force. Where is everyone else, and why have they not secured the door with some of their hocus pocus crap. As the door is breached I hear arrows fly by my head. Everything goes dark. I am pulled slowly back into a dream Lindane planted in my mind.

A royal palace appears before me. A beautiful well dressed courtesan speaks of the abandonment by her husband to an unknown person. She surmises how he is off womanizing thinking nothing of her. Out of the window is a hot desert landscape. They must be somewhere in the south, and as the woman turns I can see the face of my beloved wife Keely.

With a rush of light I am torn from this haunting dream. Standing across the room from me is Orin and two Gnoll archers. As much crap as Rhogar gives Orin for not healing us he does come through in the end. I will never doubt his importance to our group again.

I really hope Zalius has got that portal open.

I rushed down the stairs holding of the archers until everyone but Aak is in the room on the second level. Aak follows directly behind me and the doors are slammed shut. A wall of stone is immediately conjured up by Rhogar to reinforce the door. As I enter the room I notice a welcomed site, Zalius in a meditative state opening the portal. The fates must have heard my cries. It also seems the the kobalts have run off but left Rhogar looking like he has been to hell and back. Most importantly I notice in the corner by Zalius a chest. Not one to shy away from finding things abandoned by others, I investigate immediately. Barley noticing the green poison as I marvel at all the shinny gold coins left for me. I sure hope no one is watching. Noting could steal my attention away from the gold in front of me. Not even the gargoyles (pronounced harhoyles) attacking us or the Gnolls breaking through the door. I do however come back to reality when some of the stones from the wall next to me break free to reveal the battle outside.

What I see is as follows………

The scene from the tower – Hoods Undoing



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